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In my next BEYOND IMPACT Communications Masterclass, we're going to be doing a scene breakdown exercise from the movie Notting Hill!

This is your chance to practice the art of creating dynamic conversations using the same scene analysis techniques that Acadamy Award Winning actors use.

The more you understand and learn how to apply these techniques and approaches to to the way in which you communicate, the more confidence you'll have to be able to show up in any situation and shine!

In this 4 week intensive, you'll learn:

✅ The importance of 'Framing' a conversation

✅ Conversation as 'Energy Exchange'

✅ The importance of identifying the 'Objective' of a conversation/scene and how it infuses your communication with energy and purpose

✅ The 5 key questions for every conversation/presentation/speech

✅ Subtext and how it will make you more intriguing and interesting and make your audience wanting more.

✅ Grounding techniques to alleviate anxiety and 'stage fright'

You will then have the opportunity to get feedback on the way in which you communicate to shine a light on any blindspots with your communication that may be preventing you from authentically connecting with people and your audience. You will be putting yourself on video with a 'scene' partner from the class and we will be watching these videos in the class so you can get real time feedback on how to level up all aspects of how you communicate. It's one thing to learn insight, it's another to put it into practice and action!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to improve your ability to show up in any environment and confidently be able to delivery world class communication with confidence and authority!

People don’t hear your communication, they feel it! If you're just saying words without being fully connected to them in mind, body and spirit, it's almost impossible for anyone to truly 'hear' you. Because communication is the lifeblood for connection and workability in any relationship or organization, if people aren't effectively giving and receiving communication, major break-downs and break-ups are likely to occur... until now.

As a professional actor working in film and television for over twenty years and having trained with world class acting teachers, voice coaches and personal and professional development experts, I know what it takes to deliver world class communication with confidence, authenticity and impact and I'm here to show you how.

These are the same strategies and practices that Acadamy Award winning actors utilize to create commanding performances whether to galvanize on stage in front of hundreds or to spark intimate moments of electricity in a one-on-one conversation.

Not one size fits all however, which is why it's import to learn how to communicate with different personality types and listening styles and understanding yours. Some people are visual learners and listeners, others are more auditory, while a large portion of people receive communication kinesthetically. This is why a lot of children have a hard time learning in school because they need to get up and move in order to learn.

Understanding these different personality types and communication styles are a major factor regarding whether people CAN pay attention to what you say or not. It's not always that people don't want to listen to you, they simply CAN'T because you're not speaking their specific communication style.

Bottom line, even though words are coming out of your mouth that seem very clear to you, not everyone can 'hear' you because you're missing the key ingredients for communication that land with resonance. When people receive communication that resonates in their heart, mind and spirit, the seemingly impossible becomes possible! Mountains can be moved, chasms can be closed and hearts can be mended.

This is why learning to communicate effectively and authentically is crucial if you're wanting to be a successful leader, influencer, game-changer or partner.

In BEYOND IMPACT, you will start to learn these key difference makers from DAY 1 that will elevate your communication and connections with others.

Whether it’s on stage in front of millions, 'on- camera' in the studio or on social media, or one-on-one in the board room or at home, I know how to unlock your unique strengths as a communicator to guarantee you become a more dynamic communicator no matter the environment or audience!


Colin Egglesfield is an American actor, author, speaker and celebrity personality who transforms the way people communicate and relate to each other by helping them connect to their unique authenticity, charisma, and passion for being the best at what they want to be and creating results that make a difference.

Through his entertaining and engaging accounts working with best in the world creatives and other industry professionals, in front of the camera and on stages all over the globe, Colin reveals lessons to triumph over the fear of failing under the immense pressure of needing to be your best.

His practical behind the scenes insight reveals how the power of multi-layered communication, showing up fully integrated and connecting to your inspired self-identity is the bridge to harness our innate confidence, charisma, and passion which is the fuel for dreams and goals fulfilled.

His natural ability to help people tap into their gifts that make them human, relatable and inspiring is also the reason Colin is a highly sought-after image and communication consultant by executives, politicians, presenters, performers, athletes, and other leaders needing to deliver transformational communication that resonates from the heart.

Actor, Author and Speaker

Colin Egglesfield

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  • Week 1: The Body/Intellect/Soul Connection and Barriers of Communication

    We will taking about overall importance and purpose of communication and the component parts that support free-flowing and open communication as well as the barriers that hinder it.

    We will be doing a series of physical activities and exercises to draw our awareness from our mind (judgement/ego/fear/pre-occupation with looking good, etc.) into the full integration of body, intellect, and spirit.

    In order for communication to resonate, it’s important to identify a mutual understanding for the purpose of the communication at hand and then work at establishing an authentic, trust-worthy connection. From this place, our natural ability to connect and share becomes tangible and amplified.

  • Week 2: Theme/Tone/Intention of Communication and Component Parts of Personality This is where you get to start practicing your inner movie star! We will be using an actual scene from a television show or film as a template for understanding the key components for impactful communication.

    You will start to understand yourself and others on a deeper level because we are going to be breaking down the component parts that comprise a personality and the essence of who someone is by analyzing the characters in the scene.

    Each of us has a core value system and archetypes that drive our decision making and communication style and by understanding these components and identifying them for yourself and each person you communicate with, you will become more effective at delivering and receiving information that resonates instead of falling flat.

  • Week 3: Multi-Levels of Deeper Communication

    We will be delving into the world of sub-text, energy/essence and body language. These distinctions communicate more to your audience than what you actually say and by practicing awareness and usage of these distinctions, you will learn how to connect with people on deeper levels that speak to their subconscious which is where the most effective communication and connection actually resides.

    Sub-text is juice that will completely elevate your communication style and by learning how to utilize this ‘feeling' based practice, you provide the space for people to connect with you on a deeper more authentic level. This is where you will start to create mastery with your communication by understanding the difference between ‘Informative’ vs. ’Transformative' communication.

  • Week 4: Time to Shine!

    You will have the opportunity to work virtually with someone from the class outside of the class session to record the ‘scene’ we will be working on with your smart phone camera. In this fourth class, we will be watching all these recorded scenes together in a group setting which is your opportunity to see how you actually communicate in a real life scenario.

    This is massively insightful to see for yourself, what your actual communication style is and to see where there may be some barriers in the way that are preventing you from being able to deliver the kind of impactful communication that makes a difference.

    Don’t worry, even though this may sound a bit scary, especially if you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, this is your opportunity to start getting over this fear, once and for all to become more comfortable and more confident in front of audiences and the camera.

    There is no substitute for this kind of practice and experience and if you are serious about wanting to learn how to overcome your fears to become more empowered and effective with your communication, this is your chance to do just that!

    You can read books all you want about how to ride a bike, but until you get on the bike to experience for yourself what the distinction ‘balance’ really is and how you can use it to your advantage, you won’t ever know what you are truly capable of or where you can go with your newly discovered empowered experience of yourself!


The go to online course that teaches you how to master camera presence and communication both in front of the camera and in live audiences. This course was designed for non actors and actors alike who have stage fright, who want to have more confidence in front of the camera and who want to master their communication delivery and style.






If you'd like to work with me on a more individualized basis, I do personal, 1:1 coaching as well so feel free to email me at info@colinegglesfield.com for more information.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to create a solid road map for becoming a world class communicator and leader in both your personal and professional life! I’m excited to be sharing everything that I’ve learned over my 20 year career with you so that you too may know what it’s like to create those amazingly magical moments for yourself whether it's in front of groups of people or one one. There is a formula for this and I can't wait to show you the same techniques that have allowed me to fulfill on my biggest goals and aspirations!

This class is for ANYONE who is desiring to become a more effective leader and communicator to make a difference in whatever area of life that matters most to you. No where else can you get this type of training or practice in deep level and influential communication in such a short amount of time. Here's your chance!

Don't let that little voice in your head tell you this is too scary. The only way to get over any fear or anxiety you have about becoming a better communicator is to step outside of your comfort zone to expand your potential and ability to show the world who you really are and to be able to connect with people more organically and authentically. I'd never have been able to do all the movies and TV shows if I listened to that little voice in my head that said things were too scary. The most successful people in the world, feel scared and overcome it by taking action anyway!

I can’t wait to get started with you. This is your official invitation to join BEYOND IMPACT and start communicating with more effectiveness, confidence and stepping into the role you you've been wanting to more fully embrace!

Let's go!




Wednesday April 10th, 2024

Dates of classes: April 10th, 17th, May 1st, 8th (skipping April 24th)

Where: Zoom

from 5:30pm-7:30pm ET/2:30pm-4:30pm PT

Email: hello@beyondimpactmastery.com for any questions.

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